Machine Learning In Minutes
You don’t need Data Scientists to leverage Artificial Intelligence.
brings the power of predictive models to your domain with Zero Code interpretable ML.

Build the most powerful predictive models from your data, with algorithms such as SVMs, Random Forest, Deep Learning, etc. to gain actionable insights for your products and business - Now!

Clutch Products


Artificial Intelligence is transforming the business landscape with powerful new capabilities and leaps in operational efficiencies. Clutch.AI helps modern professionals make smarter decisions leveraging AI today! How can your business get a head start in the AI Revolution?


The Clutch.AI Credit Rating Engine offers a digital lending platform for Individual and SME Loans. Loans.AI amalgamates traditional input like credit scores and bank statements along with various digital signals like cell phone meta data, SMS data, online behavior, and even public data sources to make a more accurate risk assessment.


If you want to harness AI in your business but don’t have the in house resources, Clutch.AI can provide Data Consulting services that deploy dedicated AI experts to your problem. Our AI experts can analyze your company data to improve your sales efficiency, optimize your marketing spend, or catch fraudulent behavior.


A sophisticated platform that harnesses both conventional & alternative data sources to provide a comprehensive background verification tool catered for India, along with instant screening, employment history validation, etc.

How it works

The Clutch.AI Machine Learning Platform enables users to import data from their servers, run Exploratory Data Analysis, develop, & deploy Machine Learning Models easier than ever before.

Clutch.AI also provides the back-end infrastructure for integrating, managing, and securing any data, from any source, at any scale. Today, Machine Learning doesn’t need to be wildly expensive.

Data + AI Models = Insights
Start building intelligent algorithms with your unique domain expertise. Without coding, Clutch.AI will help with:

  • Exploratory Data Analysis
  • Hypotheses verification about data
  • Building supervised and unsupervised AI models
  • Deep dives into a wide variety of data types
All of this is deployable both on premise or on the cloud
Hooking up your applications
Once you’ve created a model, you can send data from your website, mobile app, or data warehouse. You can ask Clutch.AI: was a product purchased at the recommended price? Did users click a targeted link? Did a user default on loans in the past?, etc.

The Clutch.AI WorkBench provides a RESTful API for your model. You can even deploy the AI model to a device in standalone mode, in case you need your app to be used in areas without connectivity.

Getting better over time
Once you’ve hooked up your application to the Clutch.AI WorkBench, you’ll instantly get intelligent results. Your feedback will refine the learning process.

You can ask a wide range of questions, implement the results in your application, and thus continue to optimize.



Clutch.AI makes it easy to add intelligent decision making into any web or mobile application. Develop credit rating models that increase profitability while decreasing risk, build sales and delivery tools that pair prospects with your best talent in the area, configure background verification tools, and more!


Use our AI workbench to build, deploy and manage models for customer segmentation, pricing decisions, lead scoring, social network analysis, text analysis, credit rating and fraud detection.


Our Mobile SDK and a RESTful API makes it easy to add intelligent decision-making capabilities to any web, desktop, or mobile software. and make the product names consistent throughout please (in the Products Section & Contact Us form)

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